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Everything You Need To Plan Your Event

In-House Services

These services are core functions provided to you by The Toronto Congress Centre. They leverage the expertise and accessibility of In-House agents to provide you with the most effective event support. These services are not eligible for outsourcing and are provided exclusively by The TCC.

Business Services

Administrative services are available in the Event Logistics Offices at the Client Services Desk. This office is located in the Karen Kain Lobby on the West side of the South building. For a complete list of services and fees please speak with your ELM

Cash & Host Bars

The TCC provides all bar services for events where alcohol is served. Alcohol services will be in accordance with the rules and regulations as set out by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Coat Check

Coat check facilities are available on-site and are provided by The TCC. A minimum charge will apply to all coat check services.

Congress Café

The designated locations of the Cafés are outlined in your contract, alternative or additional locations may be arranged through your ELM for an additional fee. Cafés are available for trade and consumer shows only and will operate at the discretion of The TCC.

Food & Beverage

No other food and beverage items from other suppliers/vendors will be allowed into the facility without the written consent of TCC management. For food and beverage arrangements contact your ELM.

The TCC is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) accredited facility, thereby meeting one of the highest standards in food safety practices in the world. All food and beverage guidelines must be in compliance with our HACCP requirements. This system identifies every step of the food handling process and controlling them not only within the venue but also at our food supplier establishments. The TCC food and beverage can be purchased, prepared and delivered to all locations throughout the building by our HACCP trained personnel. Contact your ELM for any further information.

In the event an exhibitor is showcasing food and/or beverage, they must adhere to all City of Toronto health requirements It is the event manager’s responsibility to ensure all health guidelines are enforced and that the appropriate paperwork has been completed.


Housekeeping provides the in-house cleaning services necessary to provide clean, comfortable and sanitary conditions throughout your event. Your ELM will provide you with a detailed plan based on your event. Host booth cleaning can also be arranged through your ELM.


Parking Management provides the mandatory services necessary to ensure the optimal flow of your participant traffic at the facility while coordinating this flow with the other events occurring the same day. Your ELM will provide you with a detailed plan, which covers all aspects of your parking requirements.

Security & Lobby Attendant

Your ELM will determine the security requirements appropriate to ensure safety and security of your event. You will be provided with a detailed plan outlining the locations and posts required. Event security is mandatory for:
  • Events attended by children
  • Events involving the consumption of alcohol
  • Events in multi-function space
  • Events deemed of a security concern at the discretion of your Event Logistics Manager

Greeter Plus Security (GpsTM)

GPSTM is an exclusive hostess/security position to your event that provides a knowledgeable and cheerful figure welcoming an assisting your guests. If GPSTM are applicable for your event, your ELM will review the hours and locations required.

If your event occurs outside the hours of 7:30am – 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, a GPSTM (Greeter Plus Security) presence is required at the Licensee’s expense. Please contact your ELM for the hourly rate.

Site Security

For events in the multi-function space, in addition to Event Security as outlined above, a daily 24 Hour Site Security fee is applicable and is the responsibility for each Event Manager. Whereas Event Security is dedicated strictly to the event space you have contracted. Site Security is responsible for the entire building(s) on a 24hrs basis overseeing security logistics and operating guidelines in the event of a crisis.
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