Dock Manager

For all events requiring access to the loading docks, a dock manager will be supplied by TCC at the Licensee’s expense to facilitate the move in/out of the event. The dock manager carries complete authority over the operation of the docking facilities and dock area and is only required during move-in and move-out time periods. The establishment and enforcement of dock schedules remains the responsibility of show management. If applicable, your Event Logistics Manager will provide you with current contact information.

Internet Access

Internet Services (hard-wired) are available throughout the facility and can be arranged through our preferred supplier Freeman Audio Visual Canada. For further information and costs, please contact the on-site representative at (416) 240-7838.

Paid Duty Officers

At the discretion of your Event Logistics Manager, based on the expected number of attendees at your event and their anticipated arrival and departure pattern, one or more duty paid officers may be required to control the flow of traffic at the Dixon Rd and/or Martin Grove entrances to the Centre. If applicable, your Event Logistics Manager will provide you with a detailed plan outlining the locations and posts required.

Phone Services

Land-line communication connections are available exclusively through Bell Canada and can be arranged at (800) 414-8424.

Power, Lighting, Ceiling Hangers and Plumbing

When additional power supply and specialty lighting are required, SHOWTECH Power & Lighting is the exclusive supplier for electrical, feature lighting, production lighting services, air, gas and plumbing, as well as the hanging of signage and use of the electronic message board at TCC. As the leading show electrical contractor in Canada, TCC customers benefit from both SHOWTECH experience and personalized service in providing a comprehensive range of equipment and services. For service costs please contact SHOWTECH at their on-site TCC office at 416-244-4899.


Lange Transportation is the exclusive supplier of all propane used at The Toronto Congress Centre. This ensures safety and compliance on-site. All service contractors, show managers, exhibitors, etc., must arrange their propane through Lange.

Vehicle Marshalling

For all events requiring access to the loading docks, vehicle marshalling will be supplied by TCC at the licensees expense to facilitate the movement of cargo trucks during move in and move out periods.