The Toronto Congress Centre lives and breathes its commitment to environmental sustainability.

At The Toronto Congress Centre, we’re committed to environmental sustainability. So when you attend an event at our facility, you’ll actually see the difference green makes.

The Toronto Congress Centre operates using less energy, less water, provides more fresh air, more natural light, with fewer toxins and less waste than any other facility of its kind. We are the leader in environmentally responsible event management.

Green Features at The Toronto Congress Centre

Energy conservation

  • Energy efficient lighting and cooling
  • Solar faucets, energy efficient hand dryers and low flow, low flush and auto flush plumbing in restrooms
  • Room occupancy sensors
  • LED lighting

Zero waste option for events

  • Linen-free/paper-free events reduces the need for laundry and chemicals

Green roof technology

  • Designed to accept a living roof to absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen reducing our carbon footprint

Expansive Green Lobby and Natural Light

  • Brings the outside in with reclaimed timber forest and an abundance of natural light in lobby and exhibition halls

Local Food Choices

  • We partner with local growers and producers
  • Our Food & Beverage program strives to use fresh seasonal produce whenever possible
  • Our environmentally friendly purchasing policy ensures that no excess packing or materials are used and that the recycled content is at a premium

Waste diversion

  • Working with it’s recycling partner, we divert all waste for sorting and recycling
  • Easily identified bins throughout our facility create an easy to follow system so everyone can do their part

For more information on our Green Initiatives and our handy Planners Checklist please click here.