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Getting It Done You will connect with the best in advanced technology, the best in culinary excellence and truly the best dedicated Event Logistics experts.

Our team of experienced event professionals are here for you to get what you need done – right!

At The Toronto Congress Centre, we’re experts at what we do: creating great experiences.

Your event is a success for your guests and for you. Our knowledgeable professionals will work with you to stay on target, on budget and on schedule. We’ll help you reduce complications and assist you in resolving those that do occur. We’ll make sure you’re supported through every phase of event planning and execution. This is how we live our GEMTM principle.

And if you’re impressed by our people, you’ll be inspired by our facilities.

The Toronto Congress Centre is a beautiful and advanced event centre with a uniquely progressive approach to green event planning. So if your company is taking a stand and demanding carbon-neutral, zero-waste, energy-efficient everything…we can help.

Innovative technologies. Inspiring architecture. Unparalleled service.

This is The Toronto Congress Centre.

Canada's preeminent meeting and trade show facility.

It’s OK to want the best. Find out how you get it with The Toronto Congress Centre.

GEM: Great Experience Makers

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More than one million square feet of multi-functional event space in two glorious buildings. See for yourself.

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Toronto Congress Centre Appoints World-Renowned Mark McEwan as Consulting Chef

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